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The new leg is almost up and running!


After an interesting spring the corn and beans have started to come up.


First trifoliate is just starting to form on the beans while the corn shown in the photo is in the three leaf stage.


Looking to plant forage crops this year? Be sure to get your seed early!

Due to supply and demand issues with forage seed, we are expecting a shortage of seed this year. If you know you are looking to plant some forage crops this spring or summer please contact us as soon as possible to make sure you get the products you would like. Please contact us with any questions. 701-633-5438 or contact Brady at 320-429-0065


Please call ahead for harvest hours and daily prices 701-633-5438

Embden Grain will not take delivery of corn containing the Viptera Trait developed by Syngenta(MIR162);we understand that this technology has been introduced to Northrup King NK,Garst,Golden Harvest, and Peterson seed varieties. This trait has not been approved foe US export markets in Europe and China. If testing is required for unacceptable GMO varieties; all costs will be passed onto the producer. Call with questions.


The new seed year is here-Prices and seed books are in, stop or call for details